starting an order

Before customizing your uniforms, here are some details you want to know.

Our lead time takes 5-6 weeks for production and shipment. But if there is a deadline you want to meet, please let us know and we'll try to work it out, without comprimising the quality of course!

A minimum order of 10 pieces per design. For example, your order can be 10 light tanks and 10 dark short sleeves. These 10 pieces can be a mix of any type of apparels as long as these have the same designs.

Yes! We have your designs in our files, saved and ready! A minimum order of 5 pieces per design and apparel type are needed to make a reorder.

Nope! It's all free! It's on the house!


Here are some designing tips that will come in handy!

Everyone has creativity! We'll just help you lay it all out on the templates! A one time design fee of Php 1,000 for design assistance will be charged together with your order. Send us your ideas, colors, logos and other design details that can help us create what you want!

Open the design file in Adobe Illustrator and zoom it up to 100%. That's how your design will come out when printed. Check if there are any pixelated designs.

Bless your creative soul! Please share it to us in AI (Adobe Illustrator) file and send it to

We can create your design for free and give other freebies! ;)

Just send us a message at to know more about these sweet deals.

Payments & Shipments

At this point, you're getting excited to receive your order while we're getting excited for you to see them!

60% downpayment is required to start the production of your order.
The remaining 40% should be paid before the shipment of your order.

We go with PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer or Transferwise.

We'll be shipping your orders via DHL Express. Once shipment is made, we'll send you the tracking number!

returns / replacements

It's sad to see you're looking at this part but if there's anything we can do, please let us know. Send us a message at

1. Please check if there are signs of tamper or damage on the box received.

2. Please check if everything inside is complete before distributing it to your team members.

3. If there are any missing pieces, please let us know immediately within 20 days of receipt.

We have warranties that cover 20 days after receiving your order. Should there be any defects on your order, please let us know immediately. Defects include broken stitching/seams and loose/hanging thread detected before wearing the product. This will be void when the product is already worn. Basic printing defects include print smudges, wrong graphics or any misprints that was not present during the approval of design or any other permanent marks that can’t be removed by washing. Failure to notify us after 20 days will not be entertained anymore.

Our warranties do not include (1) open seams by forceful/intentional pulling threads and seams, (2) damage caused by a run in the fabric or holes due to puncture or friction during use and (3) stains or marks caused by improper storage.