DH Color Chart

There are so many colors in this world and identifying the exact color you are imagining is challenging. When a person says he wants the design to be blue, we still don't know if the color you meant is sky blue, navy blue, midnight blue, aquamarine, ocean blue, powder blue, baby blue and many more.

This makes the design process hard, confusing and sometimes, can cause delays in the designing process. This is why we use the DH Color Chart to make things easier and more specific.

The DH Color Chart contains various colors (CMYK) in different shades that is printed on a fabric. This helps you see the colors when they are actually printed on cloth and see how they really look. We acknowledge the fact that the screens and monitors can alter the shades of the colors. The color you see in your laptop might not be the same shade when you look at it through your phone or other devices. Printers and its settings can also affect color shades.

During your first order of DH, you can request a DH Color Chart to be shipped together with your orders. Feel free to let us know if you want a DH Color Chart so you can have a reference/guide to use in your future orders with us.

The DH Color Chart is free of charge. 
We also have a digital version of it. However, we don't highly encourage this as reference as the shades of colors can vary depending on your device's screen.

DH Color Chart
This is also accessible in our Custom Order Kit when you download it.

If you have other questions regarding the DH Color Chart, feel free to send us an email at info@dhultimate.com.

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