DH Color Chart

There's just too much to consider when we talk about colors!

It's hard to find the exact one you're referring to. For example, you can say you like the color blue but there are just too many kinds of blue like baby blue, sky blue, navy blue, teal, turquoise and many more! 

Do you notice how the colors on your smartphone can be different from other people's smartphones? Or the videos you see in your TV is different from your laptop? This is because of the screen and display in your device. So when designing, the bright color you see in your screen may be just a regular color to us. 

Also, printers have different settings and outputs from each other. Even the same brand of printers can have different outputs. 

I get what you're thinking right now, it's just too hard to have the right color!

We provide a Color Chart for you to use. There you can find specific shades of colors with their codes. Simply let us know the color code and we'll be applying that to your design. Although we can't 100% guarantee that it will be exactly the color you see in your screen but a little guide or reference might be a big help to others.

You can get a digital copy of our Color Chart by downloading our Custom Kit.


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