New DH Packaging

We are taking eco-friendly measures to help save the world.

DH has been using plastic ever since the company has started back in 2011. Every product was individually packaged with plastic and we realize the harm we have caused to the planet we live in. We apologize for this.

To put an end to this, we decided to switch to paper as packaging. Each jersey, shorts, pants or hoodie will be packaged with a strip of biodegradable paper and placed in one big biodegradable plastic when added in DHL box before shipping. The biodegradable plastic protects all of the orders from getting wet or getting lost when there are unpredictable events that might happen to the box when shipping.

We are looking for ways to reduce the waste we produce as we manufacture, pack and ship our products. Together, let's make the world a clean place to live in, one step at a time.

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