How To Get A Discount

There is a way to get a Php 50 discount to each item of your order and this is by adding the DH logo on to your design. To clarify, we have one existing DH logo that is fixed to either the bottom right or left of your front design. This is considered as the DH label which is present in all the products we make. For other companies, their labels might be in woven tags but DH has chosen to have it printed on to the design to allow the flexibility of teams to decide where to put it, right or left so as to prevent destroying design. In addition, we allow changing the colors of our DH label to match your design.
ADD A DH LOGO, GET A DISCOUNT - So when you have an additional DH logo other than the DH label, this gives you a Php 50 discount per item. 
  • You can choose the placement of the 2nd DH logo. Feel free to get creative. We are excited to hear your ideas. The only rule is, it should be visible, of course.
  • You can choose the color of the 2nd DH logo too!
  • We do have some suggested placements for the DH logo for you to choose from but it's important to remember that we are welcome to hear your ideas for placements.

Please contact us at if you have questions or concerns about this promo. When in the designing process, please let us know ahead if you'd like to avail this promo so we can work on the designs too.

**We do not accept other promos stacked up with this discount.**


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