Activ & Fly Shorts

We offer two kinds of shorts for you to choose from. We understand that people have different kinds of preferences when it comes to fit and fabric which is why we offer Activ Shorts and Fly shorts. 

The minimum of the shorts is 10 pieces per design and shorts type. For example, an order can be, 10 pcs. Activ shorts (5 womens and 5 unisex).

So what is the difference between the 2 kinds of shorts?

ACTIV SHORTS (Vinyl Printing)

Our Activ shorts are made from lightweight, non-stretchable and quick-dry fabric. We use vinyl printing for the designs of the shorts. Minimal designs are done with Activ shorts and we can only allow 1-2 print colors added on to the shorts. You can send us the design you want and we can check whether the design is okay for Activ shorts.



FLY SHORTS (Full Sublimation)
Our Fly shorts use the same fabric with the jerseys and you can go crazy in creating the designs. We use full sublimation printing for Fly shorts and we don't have any limits of the colors you will be using. As long as the color exist and our printers can do it, anything is possible!

Both of our Activ and Fly shorts have 2 kinds of sizing. The Unisex and Womens sizes. You can have pockets for either of the sizes and for either of the shorts too.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a message at We are happy to help in making the ordering process easier for you.

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